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Camvista team up with Australian Security Company iPatrol with RSI Videofied battery powered security monitoring cameras for construction companies in Australia

Wednesday, September 22nd, 2010

Scottish based Camvista are working with iPatrol in Australia, part of the the very well established Australian security monitoring company – SECUREcorp – in selling or renting out their MeerCam RSI Videofied battery powered GPRS wireless security camera monitoring systems to some of the largest Australian construction companies working on construction projects and property developments all around the major cities in Australia.

Enjoy viewing this recent television news story on the Todaytonight Australian news chanel about the success of the iPatrol security camera monitoring service in Australia using the RSI Videofied battery powered GPRS wireless surveillance cameras compared to traditional CCTV security monitoring camera systems.  Showing the full benefits for business and home security clients of iPatrol using their low cost rapid deployable iPatrol battery powered security camera systems to protect businesses and homes in Australia

Camvista were recently contacted by one of the largest and very well established Australian construction group’s who were keen to improve and reduce costs on their current on-site security arrangements on some of their  building projects in and around the Sydney area.    They requested the opportunity to deploy the MeerCam RSI Videofied battery powered GPRS wireless surveillance camera systems on one of their Sydney’s construction sites that over a few weeks period had three break- ins by unwanted intruders. On all of the three occasions intruders were able to steal copper and other construction materials that were on their targeted construction site – out of working hours – that were undetected by their current construction security guarding arrangements 

In order to assist the construction security camera monitoring request from the major Australian construction company to help improve their on-site security by deploying the Camvista MeerCam RSI Videofied battery powered camera systems onto their `at security risk` construction site in the outskirts of Sydney.   Camvista contacted Australian based iPatrol who have a wealth of experience in deploying and security monitoring RSI Videofied battery powered GPRS wireless security camera systems for their business and home security clients all over Australia to assist Camvista with their Australian construction client’s security monitoring request. 

Now the iPatrol the leading security monitoring company in Australia for installing, operating and monitoring the RSI Videofied surveillance monitoring camera systems around Australia have assisted Camvista by deploying 10 MeerCam RSI Videofied security monitoring systems onto Camvista’s Australian construction client’s construction site to help greatly improve the current construction site’s security and protect the construction site from further intrusions for the remaining period of the construction project   Ipatrol also monitor the 10 Meercam RSI Videofied camera system out of working hours at their security monitoring station to make sure that the construction site gets no more unwanted intruders visiting Camvista’s Australian construction client’s site

Camvista are now getting contacted by other Australian based construction companies wishing to deploy their innovative MeerCam RSI Videofied battery powered GPRS wireless security camera systems onto their construction sites around Australia to improve their current construction site-security as well as greatly reducing their current construction security costs from traditional man guarding and CCTV surveillance services that they have been operating for a number of years in the past

For more information and prices for operating the MeerCam RSI Videofied security monitoring cameras on construction sites in Australia – contact CamvistaHERE

For renting or purchasing the MeerCam RSI Videofied battery powered GPRS wireless surveillance camera systems for construction security monitoring in the UK or Europe – contact CamvistaHERE

Wanting to partner Camvista in any country of the world – like iPatrol in Australia – to sell or rent out the MeerCam RSI Videofied security camera systems to clients and new customers in your country.  To help improve your customers current security camera monitoring camera requirements at a fraction of the cost of traditional man guarding and CCTV surveillance monitoring solutions – contact CamvistaHERE

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