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Amazing 360 Panorama Gigapixel Cam from the BT Tower in London!

Friday, March 22nd, 2013

Amazing 360 Panorama Gigapixel Cam from the BT Tower in London!london2

If you are looking for some breath taking views of London, England, then look no further! Thanks to the MyLiveStreams new Gigapixel Cam Section you can now check out some of the most spectacular views of London with the record breaking BT Tower London Gigapixel Panoramic Cam! With a resolution of 320 Gigapixels, this astonishing 360 degree Panoramic View is the best and largest picture in the world.

With a view of up to 20 miles from the 29th floor of the famous BT Tower in London this 360 degree
Panoramic View of London
is a great way to spot your favorite locations in the City.

View of Big Ben and the Houses of Parliament 


The picture has taken over 3 months to make with a total of 48,640 individual images taken by four cameras set up on the 29th floor of the BT Tower in London. After the images were all taken, they were put together by specialist computer software which took 3 months to ensure all the pictures were sewn together properly and to create the 360 degree panorama effect. It is estimated that if the full image was to be printed, it would be up to 98 meters wide and 24 meters tall. As mentioned above the BT Tower London Gigapixel 360  Panoramic Cam holds the world record for highest amount of Gigapixels with a whopping 320 Gigapixel Resolution!! The previous world record holder was the Panoramic Gigapixel View of Dubai, this is also available in the MyLiveStreams Gigapixel Cam Section, but is only a mere 45 Gigapixel resolution. 

The Famous London Eye in Spectacular 320 Gigapixel Resolution


More and more Gigapixel Cam pictures are appearing on the internet, they have proved to be an excellent promotion for any major city and landmark. Thanks to MyLiveStreams and their new Panorama Gigapixel Cam Views section, it is extremely easy to find some of the best Gigapixel Cam Views from all over the world. With views of Sevilla, London, New York, Dubai and Paris, MyLiveStreams already boast to have the only Gigapixel Cam Views Directory on the internet. Check out some of the great Gigapixel Cams now on 

Historical Landmark – Tower Bridge, which crosses the famous River Thames


Live English Premiership Football Google Maps Street Views Virtual Stadium Tour

Wednesday, November 14th, 2012

Live Google Maps Street View Virtual Stadium Tour of City of Manchester Stadium

Check out this great new Google Maps Street View section on Camvista Google Maps, Live English Premiership Football Google Maps Street Views Virtual Stadium Tour. With Camvista constantly updating our Live Google Maps Street View Sections and always on the look out for new Google Street Views we decided to check out some of the English Premiership Football Stadiums that were available on Google Maps. The results were great! We found that Google Maps have recently updated some of their Football Stadium Street Views and realized that now you can actually take a Virtual Tour round the pitch on some of the English Premiership Football Stadiums.

Check out some of these amazing Live Google Maps Street View Virtual English Premiership Stadium Tours on! Actually walk round the pitch and enjoy the Live Google Maps Street Views from inside the Stadium with Live Chelsea F.C Stamford Bridge Google Maps Street View and Tottenham Hotspur F.C Live White Hart Lane Google Street View Virtual Stadium Tour. But the most impressive Google Maps Live Stadium Virtual Tour is the City of Manchester Live Google Maps Street View Virtual Manchester City Stadium Tour. On this Google Maps Stadium Tour you can walk round the pitch and enjoy Live Google Maps Street Views during pre-match warm up before a big game.

Watch the Google Street Views of The City of Manchester Stadium moments before a game. Check out the Manchester City Players warming up and the crowd arriving to their seats in this amazing Live Google Maps Street View English Premiership Football Stadiums Virtual Stadium Tour.  Check out loads of Live Google Maps Street View Virtual English Premiership Stadium Tours  with Camvista Google Maps Street Views.

Live Anfield Football Stadium Google Maps Street View Virtual Tour

With Google Maps Street Views becoming more and more popular, Camvista are always looking for new and interesting Live Google Maps Street Views from all over the world. With over a hundred Google Maps Street Views we are always updating out Live Google Street Views. Keep up to date with Camvista Live Google Maps Street Views and check out the best Street Views from all over the world.

Live Occupy London Camp Live Virtual Tour at St Pauls Cathedral in London

Saturday, January 21st, 2012

Enjoy viewing this live virtual panorama tour overlooking the Occupy London Camp at St Pauls Cathedral in the heart of the City of London – the capital city of England

Unfortunately Camvista don’t have a live streaming London webcam overlooking the Occupy London Camp at St Pauls Cathedral in the heart of the City of London but this live panoram virtual tour shows a good view overlooking the Occupy London Camp at St Pauls Cathedral

This live Virtual camera tour was taken from the St Paul’s Cathedral plaza in front of St Paul’s Cathredal and the Occupy London tent village on 17th November 2011. At this time, the St Paul’s Churchyard area in front of the St Paul’s cathedral was full of the tent village of the Occupy London campaign, this being the closest they could get to the London Stock Exchange which is found just north of St Paul’s. On the floor, visible in this live panorama view, was a large Monopoly board with a boot on it, symbolic of the Occupy London protest.

London tour provided by Panoramic Earth. All rights reserved.

Check out live streaming HD video streaming webcams around London HERE – View the live streaming Traflagar Square web camin the heart of LondonHERE View this stunning real-time video streaming London webcameraoverlooking the River Thames HERE

View live London Street map views at well known and popular tourist locations around LondonHERE

Virtual holiday around the world with google sightseeing aerial map satellite images

Thursday, May 14th, 2009

With the recent economic downturn around the globe, more and more online surfers are now enjoying virtual holidays and sightseeing tours by viewing live Google aerial satellite images that have been snapped for Google Maps and Google Earth than traveling to the holiday destination of their choice in the `real` world.  Saving a small fortune in holiday and traveling costs and expenses.

Not quite the same as traveling to the country of your dreams, on holiday, in person, but at least you can become a virtual holiday traveler by viewing live aerial google map satellite images overlooking your proposed holiday destination without spending a penny or a dime.  A great way to beat the current recession.  View a selection of our cureent popular sightseeing live aerial map views in our Live Aerial Map Views SectionHERE

To give you a flavour of some of the best holiday destinations and sightseeing locations to visit via Google aerial view maps on your virtual holiday, and sightseeing tours, we have selected the TOP 10 live aerial google map views for your virtual round the world tour, sponsored by Google Maps and Google Earth.  No need to worry about the costs of your holiday excursion as Google Maps will take you on your virtual travels by showing stunning Google satellite imagery overlooking holiday destinations around the globe.  No need to pack your sunshine lotion, or look for your passport, but sit down and relax infront of your computer as we’ll take you now on your virtual travels around the world on a very enjoyable and special holiday.  You’ll be spending 7 nights in London, on your virtual around the world trip.  Enjoy live aerial map satellite views in London

Number One Holiday Destination Visit London for seven nights on your 10 week virtual Around the World Holiday

Buckingham Palace in London

Welcome to London on your Google Maps sponsored virtual around the world tour. London is one of the most popular holiday destinations in the world. You’ve just arrived at Heathrow Airport, enjoy this live google map aerial view overlooking one of the worlds busiest airports, London Heathrow Airport.

On your London part of your around the world trip, we would recommend that you visit Leicester Square, go shopping in Harrods, enjoy the hustle and bustle at Piccadilly Circus.  Have a tour around the historic Westminster Abbey and make sure that you visit The Tower of London, but please don’t steal the crown jewels!!!

Make sure that you enjoy a trip on the London Eye, London’s number one visitor attraction.  Enjoy a live aerial map satellite view of the London EyeHERE You’ll love the stunning view overlooking London when you’re on the London Eye.

Please view more London live aerial google map views HERE to decide what other well known and popular London locations you can enjoy visiting on your London virtual trip, sponsored by Google Maps

Because it’s a Google Maps sponsored virtual holiday, you’ve been invited in person, in the virtual world, to have afternoon tea with Her Majesty the Queen and Prince Phillip at their London Residence, Buckingham Palace. Please view this aerial google map satellite view overlooking Buckingham Palace where you’ll be haveing afternoon tea while visiting London on your around the world holiday. A nice start to your virtual holiday.

Enjoy your 7 nights stay in London.  Enjoy your sightseeing trips around London.  Your next virtual holiday destination will be New York in the USA.  We’ll be posting info about your New York part of your virtual holiday around the world in the next few days.  Enjoy your stay in London.  Keep checking our Blog Vista for Part 2 of your virtual Around the World Sightseeing Holiday courtesy of Google aerial maps

Google launches UK Street View 360-degree google maps online

Friday, March 20th, 2009

Google have finally managed to launch their much awaited UK Street View 3D images onto their very popular Google Maps section in the UK  Currently UK Google maps is only displaying Street View mapping content on Google maps from the UK’s 4 capital cities plus 21 major cities in Scotland, Northern Ireland, Wales and England.

The internet giant has spent almost a year filming and collecting millions of 3D images from the north of Scotland, to the south of England with fleets of specially modified cars trawling along thousands of miles of roads in Scotland, England, Wales and Ireland snapping high defination pictures for the UK version of Street View on Google maps.  Allowing Internet visitors around the globe to enjoy a `virtual walk` via Google Street View on Google maps

Officially lauinched on Thursday 19th March 2009 the UK version of Street View features 3D photographic content from 25 cities in England, Scotland, Northern Ireland and Wales. Google are expected to drip feed more Street View mapping content from other cities, towns and villages around the UK that they’ve already filmed, in the near future.

Currently the 25 cities that you can take a `virtual tour` courtesy of Street View on Google maps are – London, Edinburgh, Cardiff, Belfast, Liverpool, Manchester, Birmingham, Glasgow, Leeds, Bradford, Cambridge, Oxford, Sheffield, Nottingham, Derby, Bristol, Coventry, Aberdeen, Swansea, York, Newcastle, Dundee, Southampton, Norwich, and Scunthorpe

London street level views beats Google street view to London

Friday, October 24th, 2008

Hopefully not long now till Google launch their much anticipated Google street view mapping imagery in the UK. For months, the Google street view cars have been spotted all over the UK filming streets all over England, Scotland and Wales. Reported rumours have been saying that Google will be launching their much awaited street view mapping imagery before the end of 2008.

Live Piccadilly Circus street level view in London

However, a small innovative Italian mapping company, Seety, who recently set up a London office, have beaten Google Street View by being the first company to launch a Street Level View mapping solution, online, for a UK city – London. Well done to Seety for beating the biggest player in the mapping imagery market, Google, for the the most pestigous city in the Uk, and Europe, London. (more…)

High-Resolution Satellite and Aerial Views from Google Maps

Thursday, October 9th, 2008

Enjoy viewing a great selection of aerial map views and high-resolution satellite images that we’ve selected from Google Maps, overlooking well known landmarks around the world. Bringing the world closer to your computer. We also feature a number of Microsoft Windows Live Local birds eye views aerial maps and satellite views in our Live aerial map view section

We would love to expand our network of live webcams around the world, to overlook some of the stunning locations and landmarks that Google aerial maps and Microsoft Windows Live birds eye views overlook and show-case online, but practically this will be impossible. The Google aerial map views and Microsoft Windows Live are not live, like webcams, but they were at the point of time, taken live by satellites many miles up in Space. Allowing high-resolution aerial views overlooking many locations and landmarks in the World to being filmed live by satellites. (more…)

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