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Thursday, November 8th, 2012

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Live Google Maps Street View Virtual Tour Cams

Tuesday, November 6th, 2012

Live White House Google Maps Street View Virtual Tour

Ever wanted to walk around The White House? Never been to Times Square New York? Have you wanted to walk across Tower Bridge in London? Or do you just want to see what the Bangkok Red Light District looks like? Now you can check out all of these locations and much more thanks to Camvista Google Maps Street Views. Take Google Maps Street View Virtual Tours of some of the most famous locations in the world! Walk across Tower Bridge or walk round The White House from the comfort of your own home thanks to Camvista Google Maps Street View Cams.

Check out some of our great Live Google Maps Street Views from all over the world and have the complete freedom to roam around some of the worlds most famous venues. Check out Google Street Views from Australia, Norway, London and much more. Cross some of the iconic famous bridges in the world with Camvista Google Maps Street Views Bridge Cam. With over 100 locations such as Sydney Harbour Bridge and Khao San Road Bangkok, Camvista Google Maps Street View has plenty to offer and will be constantly updated.

Take the Silverstone Formula One Grand Prix Live Google Maps Street View Virtual Tour around the famous track. Take every corner and every straight, as if you were there, from the comfort of your own home on your PC, Laptop or smart phone thanks to Camvista Live Google Maps Street View Cams. Check out the famous Santos Dumont Airport in Brazil Live Google Street View Cam. On this amazing Cam you can actually stand on the edge of the busy airports runway and check out all the Google Maps Street Views of Rio de Janeiro and the Santos Dumont Airport.

Live Silverstone Formula One Grand Prix Google Maps Street View Virtual Tour

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Top 10 funny and unusual UK Google street view sightings for May 2009

Tuesday, May 12th, 2009

Enjoy our selection of the Top 10 funny, unusual, and even weird live Google street view sightings that have been detected around the UK and Ireland since the recent launch of Google Maps – Google street view.

We’ll be nominating, every month, what we feel are the Top 10 funny, unusual, weird and some even bizarre google street view sightings that have been filmed by the fleet of Google street view cars, and Google bikes, as they filmed 360 degress panoramic street level images for their highly popular Google Maps. around the roads and streets of cities and towns around the UK and Northern Ireland

Enjoy our Top 10 UK and Northern Ireland google street view sightings for May 2009

Number – 10  Refuse Collector throwing the rubbish on the streets of Bristol in England
Refuse collector working in Bristol

Watch this refuse collector throw about the tools of his trade on a street in Bristol, England. He might get a job with the English cricket team

Number – 9 Snake charmer on a street in Norwich, EnglandSnaker charmer on a street in Norwich, England

If you have a phobia about snakes, then don’t view this unusual and funny google street view on a street in Norwich. If you like viewing snakes, the reptile type, then view this snake charmer walking a street in Norwich, England

Number – 8 Love message written on a t shirt on Camden High street in London, EnglandRead what is on my t shirt

This young lady was expressing herself by sending out a romantic messages on her t shirt while out for a walk on Camden High street in London. Think she was looking for a kiss while out for a stroll on Camden High street.

Number – 7 The Toon army official season ticket office in NewcastleNewcastle United season ticket offive

Looking for a football season ticket to watch Newcastle United football team for the 2009/2010 football season? If so, then make sure that you purchase your Toon football season ticket from this official vendor

Number6 Don’t try to tackle this 4 wheeled bull by its hornsDon\'t take this bull by the horn

Thought bulls has four legs!! Not four wheels They obviously do in Hammersmith in London. This four wheeled bull will be a good match for any Spanish Matador!! Might give the matador a fright when it peeps its horn!!

Number5 Think I’ll now stick to walking the streets in AberdeenThink I\'ll stick to walking

This youngster from Aberdeen in Scotland hasn’t quite mastered the skills and requirements for roller skating. Maybe the google street view peeped it’s horn and gave him such a fright while out filming google street view map images in the Granite city – Aberdeen.

Number – 4    Thank goodness it wasn’t windy when Google was filming this street view image in EdinburghAm I a true Scotsman?

Thank goodness google street view doesn’t feature audio with its 360 degrees street level images for Google maps!! Doesn’t look that this Edinburgh bagpiper was making much money on the day of google street view filming on the streets of Scotland’s capital city – Edinburgh. At least the weather wasn’t windy. Google would have to do some blurring under this Scotsman’s kilt if it was windy!!

Number3 Sherlock Holmes on a street in Cambridge waving to a Google street view carDr Watson I presume?

I say Doctor Watson. What’s that funny little car with nine cameras on its roof? It’s a Google street view car, Sherlock Holmes, filming in Cambridge for Google maps. Better give the Google driver a wave, says Sherlock Holmes. Might need some picture evidence from Google street view in the future.

Number2 Give us a big kiss for Google street view.  Keep both of yiur feet on the ground
Give us a kiss for Google street view

This young couple on a street in Coventry, England, love expressing their desires for each other in public. Is this a new kissing position that the locals in Coventry enjoy? If they eventually get married, let’s hope that the wedding pics will be taken by a Google street view photographer.  Try to keep both feet on the ground in future!!

Number1 Our May 2009 TOP funny Google street view sighting is:  Aliens having a stroll along Tottenham Court road in London
Starship Enterprise on Tottenham Court road

Bet the Google street view car driver thought he was filming on a different planet when he came across these Aliens strolling along Tottenham Court road in London. Hopefully the Aliens eventually found their Starship Enterprise.  And didn’t have their space ship clamped when parking in London!!

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