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Camvista go GLOBAL – providing Construction Security Camera Monitoring solutions for Construction Projects around the World

Sunday, April 24th, 2011

Camvista are now managing construction camera monitoring projects on behalf of UK clients who now want to operate construction project site security monitoring cameras on their current construction project sites in Africa, Asia, Middle East, Far East, South America, Australia and North America – for remote project management and security monitoring purposes

Camvista are now working with a number of leading UK based clients who are managing and operating international construction projects in other continents around the world.  Requiring a complete rapid deployable turnkey temporary construction online camera security monitoring solution installed and operating at all their international construction site projects no matter where and what country they are working in the world

Camvista have set up a number of working partnership deals with experienced camera installation companies in Asia, Africa, Middle East, South America, Far East, Australia and North America who now work closely with the Scottish based company to install and assist with operating the Camvista high definition construction time-lapse monitoring security cameras as well as installing Camvista’s rapid deployable battery powered wireless MeerCam RSI Videofied security monitoring systems to protect and secure their construction sites in every continent around the globe. Providing a complete turnkey online construction time-lapse project camera security monitoring solution for any country required in the world

Currently Camvista are providing and operating high definition construction project management security monitoring cameras in Kenya, Bangladesh, Qatar, Japan and Australia.  As well as deploying their MeerCam RSI Videofied temporary surveillance monitoring cameras for each international construction project to secure and protect every construction site from crime and theft in that country

Allowing Camvista’s UK based client’s to remotely monitor and view online their construction projects in Bangladesh, Kenya, Australia and Japan via broadband, 3G or GPRS mobile phone connections back in their UK head offices as well as having their MeerCam RSI Videofied security surveillance cameras remotely security monitored overlooking their international construction sites by a Gold NACOSS approved monitoring station back in the UK

Camvista are now operating live pan, tilt, zoom high definition video streaming time-lapse construction monitoring cameras operating via a standard Internet broadband connection no matter where in the world the construction project is located. If a broadband connection is not currently available in the construction project country Camvista can still operate their remote construction project security monitoring cameras from a 3G mobile or GPRS mobile phone connection.

Allowing Camvista to offer their clients working on international located construction projects abroad a cost effective remote construction monitoring security camera solution for all of their internationally based construction site projects

For more information on how Camvista can project manage a high definition construction monitoring camera solution as well as provide construction site security systems for any construction project in any country of the world – contact Camvista HEREor Telephone – 0845 241 6040

Wanting an online working demo of our remote project management security time-lapse camera application that we are currently deploying for construction clients around the world?  Fill in a contact form – HERE so that we can arrange a date and time for a full working online demo

Low Cost MeerCam RSI Videofied Security Construction Monitoring – 9 Arrests within 3 months

Saturday, January 15th, 2011

More and more construction and house building companies around the UK are deploying the MeerCam RSI Videofied low cost security construction monitoring solution to not only improve and modernise their current construction or house building site security but more importantly to slash current construction/house building security costs in some cases by up to 60% per construction site.

With the recent economic downturn in the construction sector, UK construction/house building companies are having to review all running and operational costs of their construction businesses to look at making substantial cost savings. Now one of the easiest areas to save thousands of pounds per construction project or house building project is to deploy the Camvista MeerCam RSI Videofied security construction monitoring solution. Not only will the MeerCam construction security monitoring solution slash traditional construction building security by up to 60% and in some cases even more, it will also greatly enhance and improve the security performance on a construction site compared against traditional construction CCTV monitoring as well as construction manned guarding

MeerCam construction monitoring camera

FACTCamvista deployed a 10 MeerCam camera construction monitoring system onto a construction site that had a number of actual break ins even with traditional construction manned guarding in attendance on the construction site during out of working hours.  Installation of the 10 MeerCam construction security cameras took less than 1 day. Renting the 10 MeerCam construction monitoring cameras + security monitoring by a Monitoring Station – 68% less than the Manned Guarding company that had been carrying out the security of the construction site that had suffered three break ins while their manned guards were in attendance

MeerCam battery powered GPRS wireless construction security camera

RESULTS – Over a three month period – October 2010 – December 2010 – Three attempted break ins were detected by the Camvista MeerCam security monitoring cameras – Monitoring centre instantly notified police that people were on the construction that shouldn’t be. A total of 9 people were arrested on the construction site by the police during the three attempted break ins. All 9 criminals were charged. No damage or thefts occurred on this construction site because of the Camvista MeerCam construction monitoring cameras detected all intrusions and the Monitoring station were able to verify to the local police that a Crime was in Progress and it wasn’t a false alarm.

Looking to reduce the security costs of your current construction/house building site security as well as improving your current Site security ?  If so – check out more detailed info about our MeerCam battery powered GPRS construction security monitoring systems HERE  Or why not phone to speak to a Camvista Sales Representive to discuss your construction site security monitoring cameras requirements and how to greatly reduce your current construction/house building security costs on – 0845 241 6040

YOUR CAUGHT – MeerCam RSI Videofied Construction Security Monitoring Cameras CatchThe Criminals In Sydney, Australia

Monday, October 4th, 2010

The MeerCam RSI Videofied Battery Powered wireless GPRS construction surveillance camera systems are causing quite a stir with the criminal fraternity in the Sydney area of New South Wales in Australia after catching two seperate groups of intruders in September 2010 on a Fairview located construction site

One of Australia’s leading contruction companies that specialise in building commercial and industrial construction projects to health and education clients all over Australia have been having security problems with one of their current 21 construction sites in the the Fairview area of Sydney in New South Wales.  Throughout their Fairview construction development their Sydney construction site had been attracting many unwanted intruders during out of working hours who were visiting their construction site to steal copper and other high valued metals on their construction site.

After a chance meeting at the IFSEC Security Exhibition in Birmingham England one of the Directors of the major Australian Construction Group met up with representatives of Camvista Global Ltd to discuss Camvista’s new construction security camera monitoring solutions that could be rapidly deployed onto their troubled construction site in the Sydney area of New South Wales to quickly improve their current construction on-site security to stop unwanted intruders stealing copper and other metals from their construction site.

In May 2010 Camvista teamed up with leading Australian Security company – iPatrol to install 10 outdoor battery powered MeerCam RSI Videofied GPRS wireless PIR surveillance monitoring security cameras at the Australian’s Fairview construction site on the outskirts in Sydney N.S.W – Australia.  Installation of the 10 RSI Videofied MeerCam battery powered GPRS security monitoring cameras took less than 4 hours to install, because no power or cabling was required during the installation and immediately upgraded the level of security monitoring on the Sydney located construction site. 

The MeerCam Videofied RSI rapid deployable construction monitoring surveillance solution also reduced the costs of construction manned guarding by more than 150% and traditional construction CCTV security cameras by more than 65% for the Australian construction company that were not proving a successful construction security solution on this Fairview construction site.  iPatrol who specialise in operating the RSI Videofied security monitoring camera systems around Australia for business and home security clients also have a wealth of experience in remote monitoring the battery powered construction security cameras at their A1 Graded Alarm Monitoring Station.

Within weeks of the 10 MeerCam RSI Videofied construction security cameras being deployed onto the NSW Fairview construction site iPatrol’s Alarm Monitoring Station received four 10 second intruder video alerts from the MeerCam battery powered GPRS construction surveillance cameras that three intruders on Sunday night at 8.30pm was on the Fairview construction site.  iPatrol immediately contacted the Site Manager of the Fairview construction site to confirm if any person should be on the construction site that Sunday evening.  iPatrol were informed by the Site Manager that no construction workers should be on the construction site and to immediately inform the local police that intruders were currently on their construction site and to try and make some arrests

To read about the success of the MeerCam RSI Videofied battery powered wireless GPRS construction monitoring security cameras for this intruder alert on this Fairview construction site – please read the below report written by the Fairview Site Manager for the Directors of the Construction Group about the incident on his construction site on Sunday 19th September 2010:

 ” At approx 8.30 last night, the iPatrol central monitoring rang to say the alarm had been triggered, and there was footage of people on site. I told them to call the police, and that I would be there in approx 20 minutes. I arrived on site at approx 8.55 to find 2 police cars already here, and 3 people in custody. Police found them on site, and they surrendered. 2 officers and myself went for a walk on site and found 4 ring spanners and a hack saw. They were obviously after copper. One of the officers and myself them went for a drive around the area, and we found their “mate” waiting for them up the road. The other half of the ring spanner set was found in the front seat of the car. He too was detained

The first three guys are well known to police, and were taken away to be charged. I believe the driver was let go with a caution.

Finally…… for the good guys!

Since the success of this intruder incident on the 19th September 2010 another group of unwanted intruders were caught on the Fairview construction site last week by iPatrol monitoring the MeerCam RSI Videofied GPRS wireless surveillance camera systems.  Stopping another theft on the Fairview construction site.

Outcome – One of the leading Australian construction Group’s are now ordering more of Camvista’s MeerCam RSI Videofied battery powered security monitoring camera systems to protect some of their other 20 construction sites in other areas of Australia. 

Feedback from Sydney police after the success of the arrests of the intruders on the construction site – both groups of intruders caught and arrested on-site are wondering what sort of `space-age` security technology is being deployed on the Fairview construction site in Australia!!!!

For more detailed info about the MeerCam RSI Videofied battery powered remote security monitoring construction camera systems – Visit HERE

Wanting to reduce your current construction security monitoring budget?  Learn how you can rent or purchase the RSI Videofied battery powered construction surveillance monitoring camera systems to increase the security of your construction or building site – HERE

Contact Camvista HERE to find out how the MeerCam RSI Videofied battery powered wireless GPRS construction security monitoring camera systems can reduce your current construction security costs

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