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Live English Premiership Football Google Maps Street Views Virtual Stadium Tour

Wednesday, November 14th, 2012

Live Google Maps Street View Virtual Stadium Tour of City of Manchester Stadium

Check out this great new Google Maps Street View section on Camvista Google Maps, Live English Premiership Football Google Maps Street Views Virtual Stadium Tour. With Camvista constantly updating our Live Google Maps Street View Sections and always on the look out for new Google Street Views we decided to check out some of the English Premiership Football Stadiums that were available on Google Maps. The results were great! We found that Google Maps have recently updated some of their Football Stadium Street Views and realized that now you can actually take a Virtual Tour round the pitch on some of the English Premiership Football Stadiums.

Check out some of these amazing Live Google Maps Street View Virtual English Premiership Stadium Tours on! Actually walk round the pitch and enjoy the Live Google Maps Street Views from inside the Stadium with Live Chelsea F.C Stamford Bridge Google Maps Street View and Tottenham Hotspur F.C Live White Hart Lane Google Street View Virtual Stadium Tour. But the most impressive Google Maps Live Stadium Virtual Tour is the City of Manchester Live Google Maps Street View Virtual Manchester City Stadium Tour. On this Google Maps Stadium Tour you can walk round the pitch and enjoy Live Google Maps Street Views during pre-match warm up before a big game.

Watch the Google Street Views of The City of Manchester Stadium moments before a game. Check out the Manchester City Players warming up and the crowd arriving to their seats in this amazing Live Google Maps Street View English Premiership Football Stadiums Virtual Stadium Tour.  Check out loads of Live Google Maps Street View Virtual English Premiership Stadium Tours  with Camvista Google Maps Street Views.

Live Anfield Football Stadium Google Maps Street View Virtual Tour

With Google Maps Street Views becoming more and more popular, Camvista are always looking for new and interesting Live Google Maps Street Views from all over the world. With over a hundred Google Maps Street Views we are always updating out Live Google Street Views. Keep up to date with Camvista Live Google Maps Street Views and check out the best Street Views from all over the world.

Last minute Fathers Day gift – Buy a Streetdaq Virtual Street Deed Name for your Dad

Saturday, June 19th, 2010

Ties, socks, tankards and football shirts are some of the typical gifts given on Father’s Day, but are they what today’s web savvy dad wants? The answer is a resounding “no!”. What Dad will really want, although he may not know it yet, is HIS street name gifted to them from, the newly launched UK virtual street deed trading web Buy a virtual street deed name on for Dad as a gift for Fathers Day!!!

If you had been a bit quicker looking for a Fathers Day gift for YOUR Dad you could have bought your dad Anfield Road, home of Liverpool football club, if he’s a Liverpool fan; or Leicester Square, if he’s a film buff.  Alas, despite only being launched last Friday (5 June 2010) these locations have already been snapped up, but you could make a bid for them. Better news though if your dad’s a Cheryl Cole fan – and let’s face it a lot of men are or she wouldn’t have been voted world’s sexiest woman for the second year running by the readers of FHM magazine this year. There are lots of Cole Streets, Cole Lanes and Cole Roads still available.

So what exactly is Streetdaq? Where the NASDAQ trades shares, trades virtual street deeds for as little as £4.99 in a user-friendly environment that provides all the information and tools required to help young and experienced traders alike to get acquainted with the concept and functionality of virtual street deed trading as well as having lots of fun in the process.  A great low price Fathers Day gift to BUY to a Streetdaq virtual street name for DAD
Streets are sold at on a first-come-first-serve basis and any street deed is only ever sold to one person but can then be traded to other members for a profit.  So you better hurry up and BUY Dad’s favourite street name for a Fathers Day present that Dad will really love and enjoy owning on the Streetdaq virtual street deed community exchange!!! 

With over 1.9 million street deeds available around the UK there are plenty to choose from, but the founders of the site recommend buying now before it is too late. “People that don’t buy now will be disappointed later just as those who missed out on snapping up the choice domain names on the internet for a bargain in the early days and sold them for a tidy profit later,” says Charlie Littlejohn, managing director,

As well as potentially making a good profit when you sell a virtual street deed on Streetdaq you can also generate a good monthly income while you own it. One way is by forwarding the URL of your deed to friends and family via email and social sites like Bebo, Facebook, MySpace and Twitter. If one of them buys a new street on Streetdaq via your referrer link within 24 hours you automatically receive £1 paid into your Paypal account for every street deed that they buy.

Dad will also receive £1 to his PayPal account if his new street is on the home page of Steetdaq and a visitor lands on it, or on your street page directly via a search engine, and then buys a new street on Streetdaq within the 24 hours of visiting  Making Dad a few extra ££££’s from his great value Fathers Day present

Why not BUY your DAD a last minute Fathers Day gift by purchasing his favourite street name on Dad a virtual street deed on Streetdaq as a brilliant low price Fathers Day present on HERE

For more info about the Streetdaq Virtual Street Deed Exchange – visit the Streetdaq blog at to learn more about why YOU should BUY a Streetdaq street name for DAD as a last minute Fathers Day GIFT HERE

Anfield Road – Home to Liverpool Football Club – bought by Camvista

Sunday, June 6th, 2010

Scottish webcam entrepreneurs have sensationally bought today, Sunday 6th June 2010 `Anfield Road` in Liverpool, England – home to Liverpool football club – on The new Streetdaq virtual street deed trading exchange in the UK

The UK’s leading UK webcam operators snapped up the opportunity to buy the famous Liverpool football street of Anfield Road on the newly launched virtual street deed trading exchange community that has been recently launched on the World Wide Web – visit HERE

A spokesman for, the leading webcam operators. has now fully confirmed that the Scottish based webcam operators now fully own the well known Anfield Road, home to Liverpool FC in the heart of the city of Liverpool by purchasing the Virtual Street Deed on are now expected to challenge the current Liverpool FC owners, American Business Tycoons Tom Hicks and George Gillet, present day owners of the world famous Liverpool Football Club, to start packing their bags for a one way boat trip or flight back across the Atlantic.

A Spokesman for also confirmed that the Scottish webcam entrepreneurs would like to work and build up a close working relationship with all the football fans of Liverpool Football Club around the world and are seeking urgent talks with Scottish and Liverpool football legend – Kenny Dalglish to replace recently departed Liverpool football managerRafael Benitez

The Camvista webcam spokesman stated in a recent statement on Sunday afternoon 6th June 2010 ” We’ve been watching closely what has been happening at Liverpool Football Club with the present owners Tom Hicks and George Gillett, the so called American business tycoons.  As Scottish football fans of Scottish First Division Football Club Raith Rovers we felt it was time to take over the ownership of Anfield Road in the heart of the city of Liverpool when the business investment opportunity arose on the recently launched Streetdaq Virtual Street Deed exchange.  We’re sure that millions of Liverpool football fans around the globe will be `dancing on the street of Anfield Road tonight

“As new owners of Anfield Road, home to Liverpool Football giants Liverpool FC, on the Streetdaq Virtual Street Deed Trading Exchange, we’ll be hoping to raise much needed finance to renovate the current Anfield football stadium on Anfield Road to a 80,000 all seater state-of-the-art football stadium rather than the present US owners stadium plans at Stanley Park. 

As owners of the Anfield Street Deed on we’ll be looking to help boost all businesses and properties on our Liverpool based Anfield Road.  We’ll be speaking to Raith Rovers over the next few days to see if we can arrange a very high profile pre-season friendly football match between Liverpool FC against Raith Rovers at Anfield Road just after the end of the 2010 World Cup in South Africa to help boost the coffers for the financially strapped Liverpool Football Club.  For more info on the Camvista purchase of Anfield Road – home to Liverpool FC – visit – HERE

Wanting to buy your favourite street deed name in the UK?  Visit HERE  Wanting to help raising much needed cash for Anfield Road in Liverpool?  Send us a message of support in the below comment box.  Wanting to watch Liverpool FC against Raith Rovers in a pre-season glamour football match?   Leave your message of support in the below comment box

Buy YOUR favourite street name on HERE

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