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Live NASA International Space Station HD Video Streaming Earth Viewing Webcam

Enjoy watching a live HD camera feed overlooking the Planet Earth LIVE from the NASA International Space Station orbiting Earth in the low Earth Orbit in Space – 240 miles (390 kilometers) above Earth’s surface and travelling at at 4.791 miles per second (7.71 km/s).

With four High Defintion Webcams recently installed on the European Space Agency Columbus Laboratory on the International Space Station – which are now broadcasting live HD webcam footage – 24 houts a day – of the Planet Earth rolling 240 miles underneath – Internet visitors around the Globe can now get real time streaming web cam vieews of our planet that only astronauts usually get the chance to see when in Space on their computers and mobile phone devices.

The High Definition Earth Viewing webcams (HDEV) experiment aboard the ISS – arranged and organised by the University of Bonn in Germany with the European Space Agency – were switched on 30th April 2014 and are expected to send live HD video streaming camera feeds to Internet visitors around the World till October 2015 to hundreds of millions of Internet visitors on their mobile phone devices and computers

The four high resolution ISS real time streaming webcams – Panasonic HD camera – Sony high resolution webcam – Hitachi HD streaming camera – Toshiba HD web cam – are mounted on the External Payload Facility of the European Space Agency’s Columbus module. This experiment developed by the Gerna University of Bonn includes several commercial HD video cameras aimed at the earth – three viewing directions from the NASA International Space Station: The Aft (back ), forward (front) and nadir ( vertically ) View. While the two Aft View ISS cameras can shoot docks with other arriving space capsules, the Forward View Camera is the Earth Viewing webcam that millions of Internet web visitors can watch LIVE on their computer and mobile phone devices

All the four HD Space Station webcams are enclosed in a pressurized and temperature controlled housing. Video from these cameras is transmitted back to earth and also streamed live over the Netand can be viewed 24 hours a day on computers and all mobile phone devices

While the NASA International Space Agency Earth Viewing webcams (HDEV) experiment is operational, live camera views will typically sequence though the four different HS video streaming cameras.

Between camera switches, a gray and then black color slate will briefly appear. Since the ISS is in darkness during part of each orbit, the images will be dark at those times. During periods of loss of signal with the ground or when HDEV is not operating, a gray color slate or previously recorded video may be seen.

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