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UK Sightings for Street View Cars in the UK

Google Street Live cars in the UK

July 2008 has been a very busy month for Google’s Street View cars zooming around many cities and towns in the UK. There has been many sightings of the Google VW cars, with six hi spec cameras on their roofs, filming 360 degrees panoramic street-level views for Google Maps, about to be launched Street View application for the UK Google Maps. Let’s hope Google has enough dollars in their Bank to pay the high fuel costs in the UK. By all accounts, their pool of Street View cars, in the UK, are fairly upping their milage, in the streets of many UK cities, and towns, in order to launch Street View in the UK by Autumn 2008.

So far, to our knowledge, Google Street View cars have been recently spotted driving the streets in London, Edinburgh, Manchester, Belfast, Cardiff, Birmingham, Glasgow, Norwich, Oxford, Nottingham, Bristol, Plymouth, Coventry. Google’s fuel budget, must be doing well with the strength of the Dollar, as some of their Street View VW cars have been spotted as far North as Inverness and Ullapool in Scotland.

We’re busy checking all our UK webcams, to try and spot where the Street View Google cars are busy driving to. So far from our `Hunt the Loch Ness webcam,` overlooking Loch Ness, Nessie hasn’t been joined in the Loch by one of the Street View cars. Hope the Google drivers remember what side of road to drive on, so they don’t end up in the bottom of Loch Ness with Nessie. Wonder who would be the most scared!! We’re even trying to spot the Google cars, filming Street View, on our popular Hunt the Haggis webcam site. No feedback from any Haggis spotting a VW Google car with 360 degrees panoramic camreras on their roof. Mind you, it’s the Haggis mating season just now in July. Not enough time to look for Google stickered cars.

If you spot a VW car, with a Google sticker on the window, and with some cameras stuck to the roof, filming for Street View, please let us know what town or city you saw it driving around? Would be great not having to watch all our webcams, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Want a small break for my summer holidays.

Before you get flashed, for Google Street View, try to flash the Google VW Street View car, not literally, but with a camera or your mobile phone, and send us a pic of the sighting. We get lots of sightings of the Loch Ness monster everyday, from our Lochness webcam visitors, so it will be nice to see some genuine sightings of the Street View cars. After all my favourite television programme is `Top Gear.`

Who knows, we give out prizes for our Hunting Haggis, during the Haggis Hunting season, every year at, so we might start giving out some prizes for visitors snapping pictures of the Google VW cars zooming around cities and towns in Scotland, England, Ireland and Wales. Give us your thoughts on some sort of prizes that we could give out? Maybe we could commission Matchbox to make toy replicca car of the Google Street view car? That would be a really exciting prize to win. No worry about affording road tax or high fuel prices!!

If you spot a Street View car, anywhere in the UK, please give us your feedback on the location? Also,, if you’re able to take a pic, of the Google VW car, driving past you, please forward the picture. Please give us your feedback, by filling in the below comment box, or give us your feedback or info about your pic by contacting us HERE.

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