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Google to launch Street View on Google Maps in UK

Google Maps street view panoramic picture

Word on the street is that Google will be shortly launching their popular Street View Google Maps panoramic views in the UK by autumn 2008. Google’s Street View immersive’s video footage, already available to be viewed online in many cities around the US, and in France, and now Italy, is already proving to be a massive hit for Internet visitors using the `free to use` Google Maps street view application.

Google’s Street View technology allows computer visitors to view 360 degrees panoramic street-level views of their favourite street, landmark, location or building in their city that Google Maps have already launched their Google Maps street view panoramic views. Already, Google’s modified cars, normally VW’s, with six hi spec cameras on their roofs, are filming their 360 degress camera images, have been spotted recently in some of the UK’s major cities. Such as London, Birmingham, Cardiff, Manchester, Glasgow and Edinburgh, to name a few of the UK cities that Google Maps are currently filming for their Street View application. It is expected that a number of UK cities will be online and available to be street viewed on Google Maps by autumn 2008.

Street View displays high quality pictures that can be navigated using either the arrow keys on the computer keyboard or by operating the computer mouse to click on arrowns displayed on the Google map application.

The street view photos can be viewed in different sizes, from any direction, and from a number of angles. Features a good zoom facility. Lines on the Google maps are displayed along the slected street that indicates the direction that users can follow that street.

For a short video description of how to operate Googles Street view go HERE

For written instructions on how to operate Google Maps Street View panoramic views go HERE

Give us your feeback on Google launching Street View in the UK? Are you looking forward to using street view to see well known landmarks, streets, buildings in London, Cardiff, Manchester, Edinburgh and Glasgow? Or do you think they’re are privacy issues for Google Maps Street View in the UK?

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