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Over 150 Lone Workers Attacked Every Day

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Should you be going to work and worrying about your own personal safety? The simple answer to this question is no. Unfortunately the statistics that were released by the British Crime Survey show that more than 150 people working on their own in the UK are being attacked on a daily basis.

Many of us work in the comfort of an office or with colleagues every day, safe in the knowledge that if anything was to happen to us, there would be others to help or call the emergency services. But what about the ones who work alone? Who protects them from the dangers that they might face in their working environment?

 Who are lone workers?

Lone workers are spread throughout many different industries such as; security, social care, housing and construction. Even someone who works from home is considered to be a ‘lone worker’. The risks that are involved in the specific role of the lone worker have to be established and hazards identified. Hazards such as; sudden illness, first aid provisions and personal safety against violence are just a few examples.

The Health and Safety Executive have laid out simple guidelines for employers of lone workers to follow through the Health and Safety at Work Act 1974 and the Management of Health and Safety at Work Regulations 1999. Employers have a duty to assess risks to lone workers and take steps to avoid or control risks where necessary.

For many employers, the correct training and procedures are put in place to ensure the safety of all their lone working staff. Lone worker training is extremely important for staff to ensure that they are aware of exactly what to do when they find themselves in an emergency situation. Lone worker training covers subjects such as; basic personal safety, assessing risks, personal safety solutions, tips to avoid conflict and much more. These courses are available through our online training partner Right Track Training.

As well as adequate training, many employers are using technology such as panic buttons and ‘man down solutions’ for staff to use in an emergency. Thanks to advances in mobile phone technology, these systems are now available through mobile apps. There are many of these Lone Worker Mobile Phone Apps available on the market that offer employers the opportunity to monitor the safety of each of their lone working employees.

phonesWEThe award winning WebeyeSOS Lone Worker mobile phone app has been influential in ensuring the personal safety of lone workers around the world. As well as working as a dedicated SOS panic button, the WebeyeSOS features also include; GPS tracking systems, voice recording, shake activation and will send instant SMS and emails on activations to employers, the app can also be connected directly to dedicated security monitoring stations who can respond instantly to any alert.

As well as being used in many countries by security personnel, the WebeyeSOS App is now being used in other lone worker industries like social care and housing, construction and civil engineering. The affordable system allows employers to ensure personal safety of their staff as well as piece of mind for their wellbeing. The WebeyeSOS platform boasts awards such as; the Global 100 Best Cloud Security Software Award 2017, USA Today Best Cloud Security Software Award 2018 and was cited as “one of the most innovative and outstanding businesses incorporating best practice in the security sector in 2017” in the Parliamentary Review.

When it comes to the personal safety of anyone’s staff and colleagues, can you put a price on it? As well as being one of the best mobile security lone worker mobile phone apps, WebeyeSOS is also one of the most affordable. Prices from just £4 per month per user really does show that cost should not be an issue when it comes to staff safety.

If you are interested in using the WebeyeSOS Lone Worker Mobile App and would like a FREE Trial then contact us today and we would be happy to make your staff safety our priority.

For more information on Lone Worker Staff Training then check out our Online Training Partners website for details.

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Burning Man Live Streaming Black Rock City YouTubeLive Webcam Nevada

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Watch LIVE the YouTubeLive streaming panorama webcam overlooking Black Rock City on the dry lake of the Black Rock Desert in northwestern Nevada organised by the Burning Man Annual Gathering Community in the US state of Nevada

This LiveYouTube Burning Man web cam overlooks the temporary City of Black Rock in the Nevada Black Rock Desert in the north west area of the US state of Nevada

The Burning Man Black Rock City annual Burning Man Festival takes place August 28 – September 5, 2016 in the Black Rock Desert of Nevada. Participants join in the effort to co-create Black Rock City, a temporary metropolis dedicated to art and community.

View the scale and size of the 2016 Burning Man Festival by watching this LIVE video streaming HD Black Rock City panorama webcam in the Black Rock Desert in the US state of Nevada

Looking to watch more YouTubeLive broadcast quality webcams operating around the Globe? Check out the No1 YouTubeLive video livestreaming web cams channel on the Camvista Live YouTube Streaming Video Cams DirectoryHERE

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Livestreaming International Space Station YouTubeLive NASA Planet Earth Webcam

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Enjoy a virtual trip to the International Space Station orbiting Planet Earth by watching this livestreaming YouTubeLive HD video streaming Planet Earth Webcam on-board the International Space Station orbiting the World

Watch real time ISS HD video streaming camera footage overlooking Planet Earth by viewing this YouTubeLive video steaming NASA web cam on the International Space Station No need to visit the International Space Station orbiting Planet Earth – 220 miles (350 km) above Planet Earth – when you can view this livestreaming ISS HD web cam footage of the World on your smartphone – tablet – computer

If you miss the livestreaming webcam footage of the area of Planet Earth you are wanting to watch LIVE from the International Space Station LiveYouTube streaming web cam – don’t worry as the International Space Station completes one orbit of Planet Earth – every 90 minutes!!!!!

Watch more livestreaming YouTubeLive web cams on the No1 YouTubeLive video webcams directoryHERE

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Live Kitten Academy Adopted Kittens Livestreaming Kittens Webcam

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Watch rescued kittens LIVE at the Kitten Academy in Illinois, USA by viewing this YouTubeLive video streaming Kittens web cam Enjoy viewing this livestreaming kittens webcam – 24/7 – inside the well known Kitten Academy in Illinois for rescued cats and kittens Enjoy watching the love and attention that the rescued kittens receive when they visit the Kitten Academy by viewing this livestreaming YouTubeLive Kittens web cam at the Kitten Academy

When the kittens are rescued they are fostered by the Kitten Academy and when the kittens are old enough they are adopted by families who want to love and care for each kitten as part of their family

Enjoy watching the cats and kittens in this YouTubeLive video streaming Kittens webcam at the Kitten Academy in Illinois – USA

View more livestreaming YouTubeLive webcams operating around the world on the No1 YouTubeLive video streaming web cams directoryHERE

Watch more LiveYouTube livestreaming Animals and Pets web cams HERE

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Watch YouTubeLive Video Streaming Cams on the No1 YouTubeLive Webcams Directory

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Watch 100’s of the BEST YouTubeLive video streaming webcams operating around the world on our Top Rated Livestreaming Web Cams Directory  for YouTubeLive streaming video web camsHERE

Webcam Operators around the world are now video streaming their webcams with the help and support from the YouTubeLive streaming video hosting platform. Allowing visitors to watch livestreaming YouTube web cams hosted on the LiveYouTube video streaming servers on all types of smartphones – tablet devices – desktop computers

Enjoy viewing the BEST selection of YouTubeLive livestreaming video webcams on our popular YouTubeLive Video Streaming Cams Channel Directory. Featuring and listing 100’s of the Top Rated LiveYouTube livestreaming web cams from around the Globe on our LiveYouTube Web Cams Portal

Watch livestreaming YouTubeLive video cameras operating in many capital cities around the world. View LiveYouTube video streaming cams overlooking many well known and popular Seaside Holiday Resorts around the Globe. Enjoy viewing Pets and Animals streaming video You Tube Live webcams.   Check out live streaming YouTube Space and Technology web cams. Watch real time livestreaming Safari Animals Wilflife webcams, Sharks and Fish YouTube video web cameras and Birds and Nature livestreaming YouTube video cameras

Check out the most popular and interesting YouTubeLive video streaming webcams operating around the world on our YouTubeLive Video Streaming Cams Channel DirectoryHERE

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Watch Times Square Broadway Webcam LIVE in the BIG APPLE New York City

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Watch LIVE this streaming video Times Square Broadway webcam overlooking the Broadway Times Square in the heart of the BIG APPLE in the Midtown area of New York CityNew York

View the live Times Square Broadway traffic and weather by watching this live video streaming Times Square traffic weather camera on Times Square Catch the buzz and live activity on Times SquareCrossroads of the World – by watching this pan tilt and zoom Times Square Broadway web cam that showcases many live streaming Times Square webcam views

Watch the LIVE New York New Year 2015/16 Celebrations on Times Square by viewing this real time streaming broadcast Times Square New Year Celebrations Party webcam

To view more streaming live Times Square webcams overlooking Times Square in the Big Apple in New York City – bvisit our popular Live Times Square HD Streaming Video New York Webcams Section HERE

To watch other live video streaming New York cameras around the city of New York – in New York – check out our New York Live Video Streaming Cameras Directory – HERE

We are always adding NEW Times Square web cams and live streaming video New York City web cams onto our New York and Times Square streaming video cameras section So keep on check to see Recently Added Time Square webcams and New York Streaming Cams – HERE

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Santa Webcam Live North Pole – Christmas 2015

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Watch Santa Live on your mobile phone or computer by viewing the LIVE Santa webcam in the North Pole for Christmas 2015 – 100% FREE to watch the LIVE Santa web cam at his Santa Office in LaplandNorth Pole

Santa fans around the Globe can watch Santa LIVE in December 2015 for FREE to get in the Xmas mood for Christmas by viewing the live broadcast quality streaming Santa cam inside his Lapland office in the North Pole

Watch children and families meet up with Santa Claus LIVE in his Santa Office by viewing this real time live streaming Santa Web Cam in the North Pole – watch the Santa streaming camera on YOUR mobile phone or computer – NO fees to watch the streaming LIVE Santa cam LIVE in LaplandNorth Pole

Enjoy watching Christmas Themed webcams at towns and cities around the world on our Christmas Themed Web Cams 2015 SectionHERE

Watch the Live Video Streaming Santa Reindeer Feeding Webcam HERE View Santa feeding and preparing his Santa Reindeer for their hard work on Christmas Eve by watching the Santa Feeding Reindeer Webcam HERE




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The No1 Lone Worker Tracking Mobile Phone App – IFSEC International 2015 Excel – London

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We will be demonstrating and showcasing our new WebEyeSOS Lone Worker and Mobile Phone App – the NO1 Lone Worker and Tracking Smartphone App – at the 2015 IFSEC International Security Exhibition – 16-18th June 2015 at the Excel Exhibition Centre in London. Visit our WebEye Exhibition stand – C330 – at the IFSEC International 2015 Security Show – Tuesday 16th June – Thursday 18th June 2015

Watch LIVE working demos of our innovative no1 lone worker and tracking security mobile phone app in fully working operation by visiting our 2015 IFSEC International stand – C330 – 16th-18th June 2015

Our best security tracking lone worker mobile phone apps is an invaluable smartphone security tracking app for the security guarding industry around the globe or any organisation and business involved in lone worker monitoring, tracking and security – worldwide

WebEyeSOS is our new personal protection and safety mobile phone app for lone workers, security guards, or for anyone who might find themselves working alone in a public or private place feel vulnerable or unsecure

webeye mobile phone tracking lone worker security app, is the ideal monitoring management smartphone security app for live tracking and monitoring security guards and mobile patrols and lone workers – working anywhere around the world

Visit our 2015 IFSEC International Security Exhibition Stand – C330 – to see and learn and see at first hand why our WebEyeSOS and TrackMe Lone Worker and Tracking Mobile Phone App is now the No1 Lone Worker Tracking Smartphone App available on the world market to protect, secure and track LIVE – security guards and lone workers – anywhere around the world




For more information on how YOU or YOUR company can earn extra revenue by becoming a reseller of our WebEyeSOS and TrackMe Lone Worker and Tracking Smartphone App – CONTACT –

0845 2416040 or

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Live Santa Claus Television Christmas Internet Broadcast Webcam Lapland Artic Circle

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Watch Santa LIVE from his Santa office in Lapland at the magical Artic Circle – close to the North Pole – by viewing Santa’s television Christmas live Internet broadcast webcamHERE

Watch Santa Claus Live Webcam

Watch Santa Claus Live Webcam

Millions of children from all over the world log onto the Santa television Internet Artic Circle channel during the build up to Christmas to watch Santa Claus LIVE inside his Santa Office before he makes preperations to bring gifts to the homes of the good children on 24 December, the night before Christmas Day. View the Santa Claus LIVE streaming Santa web camHERE

Watch Santa LIVE meeting up with youngsters and adults on the Santa Lapland webcam who visit Santa in December at his Santa Office in Lapland to let Santa Claus know what Xmas gifts they would like him to deliver to their homes around the world on Christmas Eve – 24th December 2014 View the Live Santa Web CamHERE

Viewing hours for the Live Santa Claus Television Christmas Internet Broadcast Webcam:

1st December 2014 – 6th January 2015 – Monday to Sundays – 9am – 7pm – Eastern European Time Zone – UTC/GMT + 2 hours

Live Santa Reindeer Feeding Webcam

Live Santa Reindeer Feeding Webcam

After watching the live Santa webcam from the magical Artic Circle in the North Pole why not view other Xmas and Christmas themed webcams from around the Globe:

Watch the live Santa Reindeer webcamHERE See Santa Claus feeding his Reindeer and preparing his Reindeer for their busy Christmas Eve night on the live Santa Reindeer CamHERE

Watch live streaming Christmas Themed webcams from cities and towns around the world – HERE

View live German Christmas Market webcams around GermanyHERE

See the BEST selection of Christmas Themed fast refreshing and streaming Christmas cameras HERE

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Live NYC Thanksgiving Day Parade 2014: Where To Watch LIVE The Annual NYC Parade Online

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The 2014 New York City Annual Thanksgiving Parade takes place today – Thursday 27th November 2014 – kicking off at 77th Street and Central Park West at 9 a.m New York time

2014 NYC Thanksgiving Parade Online Webcast

2014 NYC Thanksgiving Parade Online Webcast

An estimated 8,000 NYC Thanksgiving Parade participants, giant character balloons, large scale novelty balloons, floats, cheerleaders, clowns, marching bands and new ballonicles (a hybrid of cold-air balloon and vehicle). This year’s New York Thanksgiving parade will see the debut of six new character balloons, the biggest class of new balloons ever, which include Paddington bear, a redesigned Pikachu, Pillsbury Doughboy, the red Power Ranger, Thomas the Tank Engine and Eruptor from the Skylanders game franchise.

For Macy’s New York City Thanksgiving Day Parade 2014, more than 3.5 million people are expected to line the streets of New York to watch the NYC Thanksgiving Parade. Meanwhile, 50 million viewers are expected to tune in to watch the New York City Thanksgiving Parade live from 9am to noon in all time zones. Watch the live NBC online webcast of the 2014 NYC Thanksgiving Parade  HERE

EarthCam offers a live webcast stream of the Macy’s Thanksgiving parade starting pointColumbus Circle in downtown Manhattan – so you should be able to see all the LIVE webcast action early on your computer or mobile phone – anywhere around the Globe  View the Columbus Circle Streaming Webcam in ManhattanHERE

Catch the buzz and excitement of the New York Thanksgiving Celebrations by watching LIVE streaming webcams around New York CityHERE – and Times Square CamsHERE

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